Fun with melted #lipstick

Two shades of melted purple lipstick poured over a gold lipstick tube

Kirsten had a crazy idea late one night in the lab: “Let’s pour melted lipstick on random things,” she said. (And then there was a whole glitter incident, but we will never speak of that.) So here’s Love Potion, plus some old Violetta from back in the day, poured over our pretty shiny gold tube. […]

The raw colors in your makeup.

Photo of raw makeup colors in lavender, blue, yellow and red

A chemist and a makeup artist are standing in the lab. Sounds like the intro to a joke! Actually, what usually happens is a lot of squealing, swirling, swatching and glittering. Today’s fun was showing makeup artist Fatima Olive some of the pretty pigments in their raw form, before any processing had been done to […]

Supernova and Midnighter in the Lab

Pile of lip sticks in lavender and dark purple

Supernova and Midnighter. Well, technically, these are some leftover scraps from the final pour, but why not put them in a petri dish and play with them? These pretty colors are part of Samantha Rei’s gorgeous new line to go with her id.ego collection for Vancouver Fashion Week. A lovely lavender and the blackest purple, […]

Pigment mixing for “Midnighter” lipstick (Samantha Rei LE)

Greyish purple and white pigment swirls being mixed for lipstick

We’re swirling up lipstick pigments! One of Samantha Rei’s new lipsticks (debuting on the runway at Vancouver Fashion Week) is “Midnighter.” The shade is a pastel violet/purple shade with a greyish undertone instead of the typical blue undertone. When designing this shade, Samantha wanted to reflect the monochromatic nature of her id.ego collection, cathartically inspired […]