Pigment mixing for “Midnighter” lipstick (Samantha Rei LE)

Greyish purple and white pigment swirls being mixed for lipstick

We’re swirling up lipstick pigments! One of Samantha Rei’s new lipsticks (debuting on the runway at Vancouver Fashion Week) is “Midnighter.” The shade is a pastel violet/purple shade with a greyish undertone instead of the typical blue undertone. When designing this shade, Samantha wanted to reflect the monochromatic nature of her id.ego collection, cathartically inspired […]

National Shoe Day – Art Shoes!

Ok, we just learned that March 15th has been declared “National Shoe Day.” Seems like everyday is a national-something-or-other day anymore! Anyway, in honor of the grand occasion, we present a series of random, delightfully bizarre pieces of shoe art for your viewing pleasure. And remember, kids: Always match your lipstick to your shoes! (Ok, […]