Supernova and Midnighter in the Lab

Pile of lip sticks in lavender and dark purple

Supernova and Midnighter. Well, technically, these are some leftover scraps from the final pour, but why not put them in a petri dish and play with them? These pretty colors are part of Samantha Rei’s gorgeous new line to go with her id.ego collection for Vancouver Fashion Week. A lovely lavender and the blackest purple, […]

Lipstick & RollerGirls! Nov 2nd, 2013

The Elixery is proud to present The Official Lipstick of the Minnesota RollerGirls!   This project was the brainchild of RollerGirl Winona Collider, who thought it would be awesome to do a mad-science, ass-kicking lipstick line. We’re huge fans of the RollerGirls, so we happily agreed!   Roller derby is a fun sport, and it’s also […]