Lipstick & RollerGirls! Nov 2nd, 2013

The Elixery is proud to present The Official Lipstick of the Minnesota RollerGirls!   This project was the brainchild of RollerGirl Winona Collider, who thought it would be awesome to do a mad-science, ass-kicking lipstick line. We’re huge fans of the RollerGirls, so we happily agreed!   Roller derby is a fun sport, and it’s also […]

The Secret World of Makeup

Most people assume that their makeup is designed by a makeup artist, but this isn’t often the case. The secret is that chemists make most of your makeup colors, usually guided by a marketing department, who is usually guided by a trend report. Occasionally, a makeup artist does pick the colors, but it’s not done […]