City Pages Best of the Twin Cities 2016

Join us again this year at City Pages Best of the Twin Cities 2016! Sample food from award-winning restaurants and pose on the red carpet. We’ll also have our lipstick girls there for you to sample ooh-la-la fancy lipstick from VOGUE-featured designer Samantha Rei’s Elixery collection. Live music by Farewell Milwaukee, LOTT, and DJ Shannon […]

Lipstick & RollerGirls! Nov 2nd, 2013

The Elixery is proud to present The Official Lipstick of the Minnesota RollerGirls!   This project was the brainchild of RollerGirl¬†Winona Collider, who thought it would be awesome to do a mad-science, ass-kicking lipstick line. We’re huge fans of the RollerGirls, so we happily agreed!   Roller derby is a fun sport, and it’s also […]

Our Lab

A customer told me recently that she drove all over the place looking for our store. Apparently, our address is listed somewhere on the internet, and one of those random Internet indexes told her it was a retail outlet. She couldn’t find it–all she found was a large building full of laboratories, catering kitchens, and […]