Samantha Rei Lipstick Collection – Vancouver Fashion Week


It was all kind of adorable.

We’ve been huge fans of Samantha Rei‘s fashion design for years, and we always seem to be in the same places at the same times. But it wasn’t until recently that we started talking – and found out we had a mutual art crush! So naturally, we decided to find out what one of our favorite designers would scheme up in the makeup lab.

Samantha’s work often leans toward a rainbow of color, and after the crazy rainbow we designed for the RollerGirls we were ready for anything she might throw at us.

But Samantha knew exactly what she wanted when she got to the lab – and it wasn’t a rainbow. Her id.ego Collection for Vancouver Fashion Week was themed around Samantha’s year-and-a-half long battle with depression, and her latest collection helped her overcome the black moods and grey days that she had suffered with for so long. Her collection of dresses are done in monochrome, with jewelry by Anhedonie and shoes by John Fluevog.

For makeup, she chose the blackest purple (Supernova). The deepest burgundy wine (Quantum). And a perfect grey violet (Midnighter). Her eyeshadows were gold and green/brown duochrome. It was gorgeous on the runway, and even with this year’s dramatic change in style Samantha is ever impeccably on trend.

Samantha Rei’s Limited Edition lipstick collection launches April 7, 2016 at her atelier on 707 3rd St N, Minneapolis, MN 55401, from 7-9 PM.

And now, without further ado, here is Samantha Rei’s id.ego Collection that launched on the runway at Vancouver Fashion Week. Enjoy!