Lipstick & RollerGirls! Nov 2nd, 2013

The Elixery is proud to present The Official Lipstick of the Minnesota RollerGirls!

Minnesota Rollergirls Develop Lipstick with Elixery
all photos: ARiana MuRillo Photography


This project was the brainchild of RollerGirl Winona Collider, who thought it would be awesome to do a mad-science, ass-kicking lipstick line. We’re huge fans of the RollerGirls, so we happily agreed!

Winona Collider stars in "Science - WTF?!"
Winona Collider stars in “Science – WTF?!”


Roller derby is a fun sport, and it’s also a subversively egalitarian movement. Girls around the world are trained to be passive and polite at all costs – but the RollerGirls defy that idea.

Atomic-Bombshells- Diamond 9

“I have polite for you right here.”


The Minnesota RollerGirls are sexy, smart, aggressive and unapologetic, all with a great sense of humor. But what’s really impressive is their sense of team spirit – the camaraderie amongst these women is amazing to witness. We’re pretty well convinced that a few black eyes, some lipstick, and a group hug would solve most of the world’s problems.

AllStar- Kimber 18

She will help you with the black eye part.


So, five wacky shades are cooking up at the laboratory, just waiting for your lips. This lipstick isn’t just about crazy colors, though – the line will be sold as a fundraiser to help support the league. These ladies support their teams themselves, which is one of the things that keeps them real. So along with your wild colored lips, you’ll also support the care and maintenance of a 100% player-owned league. How cool is that?

"Lipstick?! I wanted to make a robot!"

“Lipstick?! I wanted to make a robot!”


Naturally, this kind of craziness calls for a party. So on November 2nd, 2013, join the RollerGirls and the Elixery crew for the launch of their signature lipstick. The night will kick off with entertainment by Twin Cities Trapeze, and the lovely ladies from Faces, Etc. will be on hand to help you apply these mad creations. Then go scream while the Dagger Dolls face off against the Garda Belts, and the Rockits battle the Atomic Bombshells. Afterparty at CAMP Bar to follow.

"I really shouldn't have drunk that."

“I really shouldn’t have drunk that.”


Saturday, November 2nd
Doors at 6:30pm, Bout at 7:30pm
The Legendary Roy Wilkins Auditorium, St. Paul

Dagger Dolls (pink) – Winona Collider
Atomic Bombshells (orange) – Diamond Rough
All-Stars (blue) – Shiver Me Kimbers
Garda Belts (green) – Shiva Shankin
Rockits (red) – Ana Stick

Photography: ARiana MuRillo

Makeup: Candra Ruiz and Jamie Wiley