Halloween Magic: Love Potion, and prototype of a NEW black lipstick!

On Halloween day, we made a fresh batch of Love Potion in the lab. We’ve always described this color as “hot purple”–it’s a bold, bright purple with a hint of iridescence. This color has been part of our lineup for a couple of years, but this year it’s really hit the trend.

Here’s the color in action at the Jagress Intimates 2011 Fall/Winter Couture Premiere:

From the right: The model with the bow in her hair is totally rocking Love Potion!   Photo Credit: Digital Crush


Our Halloween project was to make a fresh batch of this magickal elixir. Here’s the raw product, just before unmolding:

Love Potion: Poured on Halloween for maximum potency.


Speaking of Halloween magic, we’ve been getting requests to do a black lipstick, so we’ve been working on it. The new black color will be called “Requiem,” and it’s now been officially prototyped! It’s currently being tested and tweaked, but should be ready shortly. Here’s a sneak peek at the prototype color:

“Requiem” prototype from the lab–almost ready for production!


Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday!