• Fashion
  • The Shoot: Part II – Video

    Photographer shooting a photo of model in a white dress and black wide-brim hat

    The Shoot: Part II was a fashion show with a twist: Instead of watching models walk the runway, the audience was able to witness an actual fashion shoot up close. The event took place at Shelter Studios, with music by Monsieur Adi, video by Kylee and Christian Creative and makeup and hair by Fatima Olive. […]

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  • Fun with melted #lipstick

    Two shades of melted purple lipstick poured over a gold lipstick tube

    Kirsten had a crazy idea late one night in the lab: “Let’s pour melted lipstick on random things,” she said. (And then there was a whole glitter incident, but we will never speak of that.) So here’s Love Potion, plus some old Violetta from back in the day, poured over our pretty shiny gold tube. […]